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California Shipments Have Stopped

California shipments stopped. Recent changes to CA law make it perilous for TF to supply hi-cap magazine parts to anyone in California. Until we get a little better clarity, California customers are out of luck. The one exception is law enforcement. If that’s you, e-mail us directly with a copy of your department-issue ID. Civilians wanting to purchase something like a mag guide should also e-mail us directly for help.

The Beast – Our First Milling Machine

Say hello to our little friend. This beast is the Kuraki KV-700, the first machine TaylorFreelance purchased many years ago. At over 30 years old, this machine still produces high-quality parts day in and day out.
Unlike the “pretty” new machines in our shop, this machine is mean and ugly. It spews shavings all over the place (Cutting area is not closed-in like new machines) requiring lots of sweeping. You will notice that the bed of the machine moves, not the cutting head. If you stand to close you can get whacked!
For the geeks out there, this machine has only 35kb….thats kilobytes of memory and is connected to the computer by an old 25-pin serial cable with a custom wire that Mike put together. Oh yeah, it has a tape drive, as in paper tapes.