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Used and Abused in an Awesome Way!

P30 Basepads back from the Border Patrol

Got a handful of Heckler & Koch P30’s back from the Border Patrol. It’s not often we get a chance to see how much abuse our basepads can take.

The Border patrol uses them as part of the daily equipment. They are in active use each and every day. Scratched and abused, these basepads still work!

Why do we have this pile of parts if they still work? We recalled this part to fix an issue that could become a problem with years of hard use. We don’t want things to break so occasionally we will send out new parts just in case.

The Border Patrol is really happy with these parts. they sent a military Challenge Coin in appreciation for the work we do for them!
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New! HK Overdrive Magwells

Our new HK Overdrive Magwells are now in stock. Totally new, the HK VP 9/40 version of our “Overdrive” magwell optimizes what you want in a competition-style magazine funnel:
*Legal for all the pistol games that allow magwells (1 5/8″ wide at widest point)
*Milled from 6061 aluminum billet
*Accepts factory magazines
*Textured for “grippiness” where you want it, smooth where you don’t
*Maximized funnel area
*Available in bright aluminum, black-, or red-anodize
Check them out in our store… http://taylorfreelance.com/shopping/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=13&products_id=239 

Web Guy Note: Specify black or red when ordering.