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Arts and crafts time!

We took some of our new brass GGI/TF VP9 competition basepads and cerakoted black. Used a countersink to to number each one. Looks great!This part was a collaborative project between Grayguns and Taylor Freelance. Adds an ounce of weight to the mag and a lip making it easier to strip a magazine from the gun. Check them out on our website!http://taylorfreelancestore.com/ggi-tf-hk-vp-9-40-competition-basepad-brass/#taylorfreelance#grayguns#vp9

Used and Abused in an Awesome Way!

P30 Basepads back from the Border Patrol

Got a handful of Heckler & Koch P30’s back from the Border Patrol. It’s not often we get a chance to see how much abuse our basepads can take.

The Border patrol uses them as part of the daily equipment. They are in active use each and every day. Scratched and abused, these basepads still work!

Why do we have this pile of parts if they still work? We recalled this part to fix an issue that could become a problem with years of hard use. We don’t want things to break so occasionally we will send out new parts just in case.

The Border Patrol is really happy with these parts. they sent a military Challenge Coin in appreciation for the work we do for them!
#HK#BorderPatrol #taylorfreelance

USPSA Walther PPQ Article

The latest issue of the USPSA magazine features an article on the Walther PPQ Q5 pistol which contains both an article containing our PPQ basepads and a cover photo with our basepads in view.

Hwansik Kim, featured on the cover, is a shooter we support and is using TF basepads on his competition gun. (We circled them in the picture!)

The article is also an interesting read as the article author competed with the gun for a year without cleaning or maintenance on his weapon or magazines.

Download a copy of the article here!