Canik SC Backstrap in Burnt Bronze

Just released the Canik SC Backstrap in a Burnt Bronze finish. A great new color for the sub-compact Canik.We added a touch of length below the frame and replaced the “cutaway’ grip profile of the Canik SC backstrap with a curving, extended butt. Shooting the SC becomes more comfortable, more natural feeling, and the extra contact area adds control. The built-in mag guide centers your magazine automatically and holds your palm clear of the magwell edges, reducing the tendency to pinch your hand during the reload. Every available space in the backstrap is filled with solid metal (aluminum or brass).Find in our store at:…/#taylorfreelance#canik#caniksc#sc

New! Canik Mete Backstrap

Just released! Canik Mete backstrap in brass!

This brand new Canik backstrap features a new grip pattern and adds approximately 3.8 ounces of weight to the firearm, calming the gun down and lowering the center of gravity.

More colors coming soon including brass in tungsten, black and FDE. Aluminum parts and colors are due out in the coming weeks as well.

Find it in our store at