Longtime Friend and Customer

Robin with Bruce Bennett, basepad customer number ONE for Taylor Freelance.

The first basepad we made (at Bruce’s urging) was a +8 extension for Open Division Glocks — in his case, a .40. (Hence the original name was the “+8 Floorplate” — it gave +8 in .40, +10 in 9mm)

Bruce and Robin were two of the best known “Glock guys” in Northwest Washington at the time (before shooting Glocks was common). Bruce shot as a sponsored shooter for Aerotek while working for the Washington Dept of Corrections, and Robin was writing for Fishing & Hunting News!

Arts and crafts time!

We took some of our new brass GGI/TF VP9 competition basepads and cerakoted black. Used a countersink to to number each one. Looks great!This part was a collaborative project between Grayguns and Taylor Freelance. Adds an ounce of weight to the mag and a lip making it easier to strip a magazine from the gun. Check them out on our website!http://taylorfreelancestore.com/ggi-tf-hk-vp-9-40-competition-basepad-brass/#taylorfreelance#grayguns#vp9

A Classic Equipment Purchase

In the midst of moving, we got a chance to purchase a forklift. We don’t need one very often, but, need to unload the raw metal when it comes in. Bought this beast from a fellow shop. Made sometime in the 60’s it runs well…and weighs a huge amount. My poor truck just barely handled it and we cracked a board in the trailer. Good times!

Moving Time!

Moving and painting, painting and moving. Last week was a blur! We successfully moved everything out of our shipping/inventory shop into the new shop. Once painting is finished, we can setup the inventory properly and get our offices in order.Working on the electrical systems to support the milling machines. We are hoping to move that shop near the end of the month. Luckily, with the machine shop just across parking lot, this should be easy…not as hard…maybe…