Free Fix!

Canik changed the shape of the lanyard loop hole in the SF/SFx backstrap. That affects the “plug” that holds a TF magwell in place. To deal with the change, TF has a pair of new “plugs.” The “A” model fits the original backstrap, the “B” fits the new backstrap. If you have a TF magwell and need a “B” plug, give us a call and we’ll send you one for free! (Switching to a TF custom backstrap also fixes this problem.)

Canik Elite Carry Magwell

It’s finally here! Our Canik Elite Carry Magwell is available now in our store. We designed this magwell and then redesigned it again (reason it took so long to release) to create a magwell that acts big while being small. Watch the video for more information.Currently have shiny Aluminum and Brass magwells in stock. Black and red aluminum magwells coming soon.

Check it out!

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Longtime Friend and Customer

Robin with Bruce Bennett, basepad customer number ONE for Taylor Freelance.

The first basepad we made (at Bruce’s urging) was a +8 extension for Open Division Glocks — in his case, a .40. (Hence the original name was the “+8 Floorplate” — it gave +8 in .40, +10 in 9mm)

Bruce and Robin were two of the best known “Glock guys” in Northwest Washington at the time (before shooting Glocks was common). Bruce shot as a sponsored shooter for Aerotek while working for the Washington Dept of Corrections, and Robin was writing for Fishing & Hunting News!