Winning with TF: Teagan Richman Rules!

Teagan Richman cleaned house at the 2020 SASP Collegiate Nationals, winning HOA female in SEVEN disciplines! SASP is most similar to Steel Challenge, and serious shooters know that just because you can shoot a rifle doesn’t mean you can shoot a pistol. Teagan can! She won in everything from Centerfire Optic (shown) to Pistol Caliber Carbine (shown) — revealing breadth AND depth of skill! Bravo Teagan, and to her father/coach Dave Richman of the Lake Country Action Shooters! (Note the TF 140mm extensions on her match-winning XDM.)

Our Kuraki has Died!

Our Kuraki has died! This was the first machine Taylor Freelance purchased many years ago. It was built in 1986 and we communicated with it through a serial port that we had to make a custom cable to get it to work. It also had a paper-tape drive! (That’s really ancient tech!)

We have been amazed at the durability of this ancient machine. It has made tens of thousands of parts for us.

So…we are tearing it apart and have a new toy showing up in a month. More on that later!

Need a Little Help

Need a little help!
In this Washington, our “leaders” in Olympia are pushing bans on owning OR MANUFACTURING full-capacity magazines. That’s a direct threat to Taylor Freelance!

HB2947 was just brought back to life AFTER the WA legislative deadline by extraordinary actions by the D leadership.
So what’s “manufacturing?” — The devil is in the LACK of details. At a minimum this bill will make our lives much more complicated. At worst, it could shut us down completely by legislative fiat.

If you’re a fan of Taylor Freelance, we’d much appreciate it if you could put in a good word in opposition to this terrible bill (and the multiple others like it.

Follow this link to get details of the bill’s progress.