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photo by James Coffey

With more than 20 years in competitive shooting, Robin Taylor offers a unique viewpoint on firearms training.

Originally a student of Art Sievers (famed coach of the Naval Academy pistol team), Taylor brings pieces of the Sievers “conditioned reflex” style together with the high-speed efficiency of practical shooting competition.  Best known for coaching youth, he works with a small number of adult students each year by special arrangement.

Taylor’s “ideal student” tends to be an adult beginner/amateur looking for help learning the pistol — especially those interested in trying one of the pistol sports.

Taylor takes a handful of self-defense-oriented shooters as well, helping them with the gun handling part of the equation. He’s particularly noted for his expertise with the Glock. (Author, “The Glock in Competition.“)

As Jeff Cooper said so many years ago “owning a guitar doesn’t make you a musician.” New competition shooters will gain the most from a few hours of Taylor’s time, avoiding months of expensive trial-and-error.

In any context, pistols are weapon “systems” involving many parts — physical ability, training, ammunition, holsters, ammo carriers, and proper clothing (especially when carrying concealed). Those components all fit together. With a little effort, your “system” can be quickly tuned for its intended purpose.

Ratings: NRA Level One Pistol Coach, NRA Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Muzzleloading Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Personal Protection, Home Firearms Safety Instructor.

Other ratings: Glock armorer, NRA Range Safety Officer, IDPA SO, USPSA RO (expired). Past Idaho and Washington Steel Challenge Champion (Limited Division).

Some of his pupils:


JordonKOwebJordon Castro

First athlete to break 40 seconds in SPP competition (2014). Current SPP “Senior Rimfire” course record holder.

SPP “Senior Rimfire” National Champion (2014, 2015)

Captain, SPP “Senior Rimfire” Championship team (Team Gotta, 2015)

Captain, SPP “Senior Rimfire” runner-up team (Team Gotta, 2014)

Multiple state and local titles.

adamRAdam Rusling

Scholastic Steel Challenge (SSC) National Champion, centerfire (2013)

Steel Challenge Junior Rimfire Runner-up (2011)

Scholastic Steel Challenge Runner-Up, centerfire (2012)

Member of the 2012, 2013 SSC National Champion Teams

Adam trophieswebAdam Thomas

Scholastic Pistol Program “Senior Rimfire” runner-up (2014, 2015)

Scholastic Steel Challenge National Champion, rimfire (2013)

Member of the 2011, 2012, 2013 SSC National Champion Teams

Member of the SPP “Senior Rimfire” Championship team (2015)

Member of the SPP “Senior Rimfire” runner-up team (2014)

 Keith Neher

SCSA Steel Master

Captain of 2013 SSC Champion team

Steel Challenge World Championship team shoot-off winner (with Eric Grauffel, 2013)

Member of the 2011, 2012, 2013 SSC National Champion Teams (captain in 2013)

Washington State Steel Challenge junior champion (2012)

High Open (2nd Overall) ISSA Washington State Steel Championship (2014)

Sean Hughen-Coiro

Steel Challenge Junior Rimfire Champion (2011)

Scholastic Steel Challenge Champion (2011, 2012)

Washington State Steel Challenge Junior Champion (2012)

Captain of the SSC National Champion team, 2011, 2012. Team member, 2013

MD KevinwebKevin Green

Member of the SSC National Champion team (2012). 




Ben Huff

Scholastic Steel Challenge “junior” champion, centerfire (2013)

Member of the SSC National Champion team (2013).


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