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37 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. kevin

    Hi I heard about a Rawlins special for Hk Usp do you actually make one ?

  2. admin Post author

    We did a special batch for the HK USP 45 compact at the request of the guys at — but that was some time ago. Are you asking about the compact, or the full-size frame?

  3. kevin

    I was referring to usp 45 full size. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you was in the interior of Alaska and just got back. I think my previous msg. glitched . Thanks Kevin

  4. Brian Lopez


    I saw over on Brian Enos Forum that you guys are experimenting with a new “Black Magic” base pad for the glock. I’m always looking to try new stuff for my Limited G35. Let me know when you guys get them up and running and I’ll be first in line!


  5. kevin

    Hi again. I was hoping for a little more dialogue. But well your busy I’m sure and if you don’t make the extensions any more just don’t and that’s it. Well if you should run another batch for the USP 45 you have my email here let me know as I would like a few. Also like your hat. It advertises my kind of faith. Also glad team gotta did well in Idaho you were at my stomping grounds. And when my wife and I are done up here we will return to our home in Boise. Merry Christmas. Kevin

  6. admin Post author

    Thanks Kevin, the contractor that did those for us had a major computer failure, and the programs associated with that part were damaged. We’d like to do more for the HK community, so could you call us at the office to discuss?

  7. admin Post author

    Hey Brian,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! So far we’ve sent Black Magic locking plates out to half a dozen Glock and S&W M&P shooters that we’re friendly with. So far they’re really liking the idea, and have reported no problems. Stay tuned, unless someone comes up with a major “issue” that we need to address, I suspect this will “go live” in the New Year.

  8. Danny Q

    I have a Tanfoglio Witness P, I just wonder if will be the possibility to get a “Seattle Slug” for it.


  9. admin Post author

    How would that work? Would we be talking about a brass backstrap?

  10. Rick Grassie

    Man I have 5 of the Taylor mag base pads in brass.
    I would LOVE to get hold of one of the black magic
    and run it on a mag!

  11. admin Post author

    Hey Rick, Careful what you wish for! I’ll catch up with you about that shortly.

  12. Ricky Wilson

    Any word on the magwell for HK P30? Thanks for the Basepads on the p30!

  13. Ricky Wilson

    also any news on Ruger 22/45 magwell? Bunch of people would love both magwell for a ruger 22/45 mark 3 and the HK p30.

  14. admin Post author

    Hey Ricky,

    We’ve got the design done, but machining it turned out to be crazy-expensive, so we’re exploring some other options (lost wax, even injection molding).

  15. admin Post author

    Watch the website for a “beta” version of the P30 magwell. Aaron Marco (Team HK) is running one now. He used it, and our HK P30 “Border Special (+5) basepads to place 20th at the STI Texas Multigun recently.

  16. cody triplett

    I have been looking high and low for a extension for my fnh fnx 40cal. I can’t seem to find any. I was wondering what it would cost to have a custom extension made that would fit any of the 3 gun classes. 170mm 140mm either would work

  17. admin Post author

    We’d be happy to talk with you about that — we actually chatted with David Sevigny about some Production-oriented stuff at SHOT. We’re just now finishing up something for the Caracal, FNS will likely be next!

  18. Kent Neville

    Do you make extensions for the Glock 20 (10MM) and the Glock 21 (45acp) to increase the capacity? Please let me know the availiblity and Price.

  19. admin Post author

    Not at the moment, but once we find a spring we’re happy with that will go back on the “to do list.” People ask about that often.

  20. N-T

    You have basepads for HK, Tanfoglio, and now Caracal. When are the FN basepads coming? Specifically for the FNS?


  21. Josh Essary

    Will your “Seattle Slug” work in my G34 Gen4 if I forgo the use of the full length backstrap? When will your fully Gen4 compatible model be released?

  22. admin Post author

    The Gen 3 model will not fit any variation of the Gen. 4. As to a release date, I don’t have one yet.

  23. admin Post author

    Excellent question. I’ve had an FNH mag on my desk for a while now. I’m looking at the HK45 at the moment, but once we get that out of the way that’s one we’re thinking about.

  24. Rae Baleros

    Is there any issue with running the Glock sight block on a Gen4? Does the fatter end of the recoil assembly interfere with the sight block when the gun goes back in recoil?

  25. T.K

    Will you ever offer HK P30/VP9 +0 brass mag plates? Is it possible to be in black? These would be used for USPSA in Hawaii. Please let me know. Thank you for your time.

  26. admin Post author

    No plans for that yet, but we could probably do a solid aluminum +5 (with no internal cavity so it’s a +0). Ping me directly and we’ll talk.

  27. Robin Taylor Post author

    Hey Rae, sorry for the long delay — your comment got buried in (literally) 15,000 spam comments. I haven’t tried the Gen 4 yet, but you’re welcome to try it with my gear sometime if you like.

  28. max (belgium)

    Hi, i try’d to order a “SSS limited” magwell for my m&p9. i just looked at my order and it says “cannot ship to Belgium –RT”. bummer:-(
    I can order your mag base pads from MIDWAY Germany, but they don’t offer any magwell for the m&p.
    In fact i’ve not been able to find even 1 magwell for the m&p in europe (although it’s a popular model here).
    Can you help me in any way, maybe through midway?
    greets from Belgium
    (p.s. I hope my spelling is o.k)

  29. Robin Taylor

    Hey Max,

    I’m actually talking with some friends in the Netherlands about this — they should be able to reach the entire EU, plus a little. Sorry our State Department is so obtuse.

  30. Max (belgium)

    Thakns, that would be fantastic. Could you let me know if and when this becomes a possibility. 🙂

  31. Jon Henry

    Do the m&p extensions fit on the 10 round 45 mags? Also if another batch of base pads are made for the USP 45 Full size I would be interested in a few.

  32. Dan Young

    I have 2 questions. Do the XDm 9mm/.40 extended mags work with the XD magazines? Also do you plan to offer an extended mag for the XD/XDm .45

  33. admin Post author

    1. Yes.
    2. Typically they use a different thread pitch, but they will custom-thread a barrel to match (they’re doing one for a customer this week).

  34. admin Post author

    No, the XDm and the XD are very different beasts — and no, we don’t have plans for the XD .45.

  35. admin Post author

    We have a basepad specifically for the 10-round M&P 45 mags. I’ll have to look at the full-size USP in .45, I’m getting some inquiries about that one.

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