G41/21 Competition Basepad, Red

By | November 11, 2015

If you’re driving tG21_competition_redhe new Glock 41, or the classic Glock 21, you’ll love this basepad — especially if you’re using a magwell. Competitors dealing with 10-round mag restrictions in particular will get a lot of use out of this part. It contains  a full ounce of CNC-machined aluminum (compared to a few grams for the stock basepad) which helps the magazine fall clear of the pistol when empty. It compares favorably to our “bling brass” basepad in performance, but adds a little extra length for positive seating.

We’ve had these in black for a while, but we just got a batch in red.
Many similar products are too heavy for IDPA and SPP, or will make your gun too heavy in USPSA if you use any other heavier-than-stock part. Self-defense users like how the extra thickness makes the magazine “seat” positively — yet the magazine remains totally secure and unchanged from a reliability point of view.