TF Basepad Controls “Snap” in HK P30SK

By | June 8, 2015

Stock P30SK — great concealment, partial control.


P30SK with TF competition basepad — full control.

P30SK users sometimes have trouble getting a full firing grip on their pistol because of SK’s ultra-short frame. For many, the pinky finger tries to slip around the bottom of the frame, where it’s no help at all. To fix that, Bill Parish added a TF “Competition” basepad for the HKP30/VP9, and sent us these pictures.

His mod “definitely adds some platform for your pinky and decreases snap,” says Bill. If you’ve got a P30SK, you might want to try this for yourself. You can buy the extension shown here.

We just learned that our +5 extension also fits on the P30SK — please don’t try that if you live in a state with a standard-capacity magazine ban.

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