HK P30 Stainless/Bronze magwells back in stock

By | April 7, 2015
HK COMP magwell WEB

Stainless/Bronze matrix magwell, shown with TF competition basepads.

At last! We have the Stainless/Bronze HK P30 magwells back in stock — and a VP9-specific version coming soon.

Using a METAL magwell on the HK makes an immediate and obvious difference the moment you pick the gun up.  The gun is much “calmer” in the hand, and in recoil. The balance point is much lower, and the magwell extends the front of the grip, letting you control the frame in ways you just couldn’t before.

The sandblasted surface leaves a slight roughness to aid gripping — but not so much that it will drag, or abrade clothing. Click Here.


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