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Red Shield +1’s Shipping Now

Aaron Padron shield cropweb

Aaron Padron was thrilled by how well the color of his +1 matched his Apex trigger. He sent us this photo.

At last, the red-anodized Shield +1’s are in stock and shipping. We have to admit, red-anodize in this application looks great. If you’ve got a 7-round Shield mag laying around un-used, or need a little more length on your 8-rounder to get best control, this is your part! Our “Mag Pack” ships with two extensions, one for each of the mags that came with your pistol.

Shield +1’s Have Arrived!

shield set black

Shield +1 installed on a 7-round magazine. “Tail hold” modification visible on the loose part.

We’re shipping Shield +1’s in black and brushed aluminum now. We expect red ones in about 10 days (thanks to a mix-up at our anodizing firm). They should be just the ticket for those of you with red-colored Apex triggers and the like.

NEW OPTION: As we were sending the Shields out to be anodized, some of our product testers asked us to do something about the sliding the collar on the 8-round magazine (which slides up the mag tube, making reloads awkward). To anchor the collar, we drilled a little hole in the tail of the extension. Just enough for a little screw.

shield mag pack

Available in brushed aluminum or black, you can order our Shield +1’s individually, or as a “mag pack” of two: one has a “tail hold” for the 8-round mag, one doesn’t.

You’ll need to drill a tiny 1/16th hole in the collar, but that’s easily done. (Use the extension as a drill guide.) If you’d like to have a “tail hold” on your Shield, just ask for that when you order.

Dealer inquiries welcome!

Detail: The S&W Shield dominates the concealed-carry market in the West. Shield drivers have been asking us to create an extension that not only adds capacity, but makes the stubby grip on the Shield work for people with large hands.

Jack Faubion at Radian Design and TF’s Robin Taylor went through THIRTEEN distinct prototypes, creating a totally new retention system (patent paperwork in process). The Shield’s close-fitting frame has flummoxed extension designers until now, but our new system locks the extension into place with a combination of spring tension and solid steel.


First two Shield +1’s off the mill.

Turn your 8+1 magazine into a 9+1 – or extend the too-short 7+1 magazine into a serviceable 8+1 that feels BETTER than the factory 8+1.

Whether you’re looking for a little more capacity, or a little more grip to work with, our testers tell us the Taylor Freelance Shield Extension “makes” the gun.

Lavender dreams

lavender pair webLooking for something a little different than the usual “black” “red” or “blue?”

We just took delivery on a short batch of lavender basepads for the M&P — both +0 competition and 140mm +5/6 versions. You’ll find them in the store here and here.

We get frequent requests for special colors, so if you have something special in mind, give us a call. We once did a large set of brass HK P30 basepads in crimson and gold — to match the Florida Seminoles football team! Costs for special orders usually hover around $5 per basepad.

“Triple Threat” Basepads For The M&P/SIG 320 Arrive — in Zombie Green!

Hook proof web

Part of the TF “Competition” line, the “Triple Threat” basepad brings the suggestions of countless M&P-shooting competitors into one multi-purpose design.

  • — WILL NOT hook another magazine, or snag on your clothing (a common problem with the M&P).
  • — Extends the magazine to ensure a positive reload
  • — Provides one ounce of extra weight, helping with recoil control (legal for IDPA, USPSA, and SSP competition).
  • — Works with BOTH styles of M&P magazine. (Square- or round-hole.)
 Available in black, bright (zombie) green, more by special order.