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Working with

We have just started advertising a gun friendly “youtube” site. As big advertisers stop allowing advertising for legal products (Facebook, Google, and Youtube constantly deny our advertisements even when our parts don’t violate terms of service) it’s a breath of fresh air to support a site that supports our rights.

We may start moving some of our video collection onto gunstreamer….stay tuned!


Added More Space

Moving our Shipping/Packaging operations into a new space today. We are just bursting at the seams in the other location. Adding a second location gives us room to expand.

The Nydar 47

And you thought your C-More was cool. . .
Behold the “Nydar 47”.
A friend of the shop walked through the door the other day with this, the grandfather of all red-dot sights. In several ways, it’s basically an oversize C-more that doesn’t use batteries. My google-fu tells me this was patented and offered in 1945 as a shotgun sight (this one is mounted on a Remington 11). It’s a civilian offshoot of the first optical gunsights used on WWII fighters. Fragile, hard to zero, but it works. In normal lighting conditions, the reticle shows up remarkably well, and with no electronics involved whatsoever, I suspect it’s still as “bright” as when it was made — 70 years ago!

Changing Gears

Changing gears: My daily life involves mass-produced polymer and machined steel firearms. This weekend I got to hunt pheasants with the men of my family using a hand-engraved Grade IV Ithaca side-by-side in 16 gauge. It belonged to my great-grandfather, and was given to me by my late grandfather many years ago. Using this hand-made 1920’s gem offers a step back in time for “modern gun” shooters like me. Dual triggers, drop-down cocking indicators, figured pistol-grip walnut¬†stock, antique ivory bead sight, extractors with empty-shell ejectors, it has everything you’d want in a gun from that period — and it’s made by American gunsmiths. It kills birds like the purpose-built machine that it is, but if FEELS totally different than a modern auto or O/U double. I have some excellent modern shotguns, but none is as beautiful or as thought-provoking as this.