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Trying to Help

We have partnered with the local Maker Lab to make face shields for the local health care workers. Got one of our 3D printers churning out the top part of the face masks.

It feels good to finally be able to help our community.

The Alien by Laugo

The most unique find of the 2020 Shot show. Robin discusses the new Alien with David Wollman from Lancer Systems. It’s the Taylor Freelance pick for the most interesting new gun tech at SHOT.

Worn, Abused Parts

Courtney Ann send us pictures of her “abused” parts! Yes, we love it when our basepads and magwells get used, dirty and scratched

Working with

We have just started advertising a gun friendly “youtube” site. As big advertisers stop allowing advertising for legal products (Facebook, Google, and Youtube constantly deny our advertisements even when our parts don’t violate terms of service) it’s a breath of fresh air to support a site that supports our rights.

We may start moving some of our video collection onto gunstreamer….stay tuned!