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Our First Website…

Our website in 2001

Using the Wayback Machine on the Internet archive, Robin and I discovered what is probably the first website we built over 20 years ago! This 2001 vintage website was pre-ecommerce. You filled out a little form with what you wanted…and mailed us a check. It worked as we only had 4 or 5 parts…all for Glock which was the “new” “hot” gun at the time. Good times!…/

A Classic Equipment Purchase

In the midst of moving, we got a chance to purchase a forklift. We don’t need one very often, but, need to unload the raw metal when it comes in. Bought this beast from a fellow shop. Made sometime in the 60’s it runs well…and weighs a huge amount. My poor truck just barely handled it and we cracked a board in the trailer. Good times!

Moving Time!

Moving and painting, painting and moving. Last week was a blur! We successfully moved everything out of our shipping/inventory shop into the new shop. Once painting is finished, we can setup the inventory properly and get our offices in order.Working on the electrical systems to support the milling machines. We are hoping to move that shop near the end of the month. Luckily, with the machine shop just across parking lot, this should be easy…not as hard…maybe…