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HK “Competition” Basepads


HK shooters, you’ve been asking for these — and here they are!

Our “Competition” line of basepads stays under the 1-ounce weight limit of IDPA “Stock Service Pistol” and within the size limits imposed by USPSA’s “Box Rule” — making them the cat’s meow for action shooting competitors. At the same time, they’re big enough to work with our magwells, and do away with the common “hooking loss” caused by one magazine “hooking” the other as you try to draw them out of a double magazine pouch (common to the HK, S&W M&P, SIG 320, etc. etc.). We’re working on a video to show this, but our “Competition” line is almost hook-proof!

You’ll find them in our e-store here:

HK P30 Stainless/Bronze magwells back in stock

HK COMP magwell WEB

Stainless/Bronze matrix magwell, shown with TF competition basepads.

At last! We have the Stainless/Bronze HK P30 magwells back in stock — and a VP9-specific version coming soon.

Using a METAL magwell on the HK makes an immediate and obvious difference the moment you pick the gun up.  The gun is much “calmer” in the hand, and in recoil. The balance point is much lower, and the magwell extends the front of the grip, letting you control the frame in ways you just couldn’t before.

The sandblasted surface leaves a slight roughness to aid gripping — but not so much that it will drag, or abrade clothing. Click Here.


HKVP9/P30 “Competition” basepad NOW IN STOCK!

Shooters have been asking us for a +0 extension for the HKVP9/P30 that would “work” for IDPA Stock Service Pistol and USPSA Production events.

HK COMP magwell WEB

We’ve put together a model that serves those two masters, AND works with our VP9 and HKP30 magwells.  Available now in the on-line store!

Similar products for the SIG320, M&P, and Glock 45s will soon follow!

HK VP9 “Beta” Magwells Released

Marco magwell

Many of you have called in, asking for a VP9-specific magwell.  We’ve got a “Beta” part available now in our on-line store. As the name implies, this is a working prototype, run off on a 3D printer.

The VP9 part looks identical to the P30 (the gun at right is a P30), but there are many small differences.

HK VP9 Magwell/Basepad Set In Development


Spent the day working with our draftsman to refine an HK VP9-specific version of our popular HKP30 magwell.  Simultaneously, we worked on upgrading our soon-to-be released HKP30/VP9 +0 basepad. (Currently being tested by competitive shooters Tavis Miller and TJ Lurvey.)

At right you’ll see version “C” of the magwell, and version “B” of the basepad, both including tweaks suggested by advanced HK shooters.

“Zombie green” doesn’t make for a very pretty picture (we use green for prototyping), but it tells all you HK fans what’s coming.