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New Follower Created

I love my guys at Taylor Freelance. Yesterday we got angry at the cheap followers that came with a pack of Colt 9mm magazines. They were dragging and took a lot of handwork to fix. My guys told me they could build a custom one to fix all that. . and do it in a single day.

SHA-ZAM! Behold a custom Colt SMG follower prototype, cnc’ed from super-slick black Delrin. Such is the power of the mighty team of Michael Fox and Justin Eng!

Built to cradle our custom springs (they won’t take the “square” Colt spring), this follower is NOTICEABLY slicker/smoother than the various factory parts we used for reference. We’re recruiting some local guys with Colt PCC’s now to do some testing.

“The Roosevelt” High Capacity PCC Magazine

Say hello to “The Roosevelt”, our high capacity PCC magazine. We had tons of name suggestions and thought “The Roosevelt” was a great play on words and ideas. As in “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

Can you say 66 rounds in a single mag!? Our high capacity magazine starts with a custom magazine created out of two metal magazines welded together coupled with our Colt +10 mag extension. If you want high capacity for your PCC Carbine, this is the magazine for you!

Check out this bad boy at…/

Post from Josh Froelich

Josh Froelich recently posted a image on Instagram of our products on his mags! 

He wrote:

“Need high capacity for that PCC game? Had to get those 28 and 41 round capacity glock mag kits from TaylorFreelance and am excited to announce I will be partnering with them in 2017! Taylor freelance extended mags filled with Federal Premium syntech ammunition to run my JP Enterprises GMR13 and sighted by Vortex Optics … Doesn’t get any better than that!”