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PPQ 4 U?


PPQ “Overdrive” magwell with one of our 140mm +6 extensions

We’re converting our 3D-printed “beta” magwell for the Walther PPQ into a full-on magwell milled from aluminum bar stock called the “Overdrive.” It fits the M1, M2, and hot new PPQ Match. Thanks to the good offices of our head machinist Mike Fox, the current prototype features a series of slightly-grippy serrations.


Here’s a side view to show the logo.

We’re sending samples out to some top PPQ drivers, looking for feedback. In the meanwhile, we’ve got a couple of extra magwells from that batch at a very fair price!

Walther PPQ +6, +0 Basepads Available Now!

Walther kit_0653 cropTurn your PPQ into a 3-Gun-competitive machine with our new PPQ +6. We’ve extended the mag to the maximum allowed in USPSA/3-Gun, and upgraded the quick-release locking plate for a blend of high security and ease of cleaning. If you shoot USPSA’s “Limited” division, our +6 fits the box and offers a full +5 in .40 S&W.

You can also use our +0 Competition basepads to optimize your pistol for IDPA’s Stock Service Pistol division. They make the magazine easier to handle, and won’t hook on other magazines during the draw.

Both styles work great with our 3D-printed “beta” magwell (available now in “beta” form). As we gather feedback, look for the first all-metal magwells to come out in coming months.

Walther PPQ “Beta” Magwells Available Now

Walther magwellA7webWe’ve just released our first “beta” magwell for the Walther PPQ. Our plan is to produce them in stainless/bronze the way we do the HK P30/VP9 magwell, but right now we need your feedback to choose the right design. Currently we’re on version A7, which includes some improved funnel characteristics, but still works with a modified stock basepad if need be. It’s designed to work with our “Beta” basepads — which we suggest using — until our machined aluminum production-legal +0 and USPSA-legal 140mm +6’s hit the street in a few weeks.

We had different versions of this set out for people to play with at the recent Taylor Freelance “open shop” event. We chose this release based on what our local crop of master shooters preferred (notably Hwansik Kim, Greg Purcell, and Jordon Castro).

If you’ve got a PPQ, you know the frame is a little on the short side (like the famed Glock 19). By adding this magwell, you extend the frame enough to let you hold the frame solidly with the pinky finger of your support hand — the one that can exercise the most leverage. For many of the people that have tried this in the last few weeks, their immediate reaction was: “Oh yeah. That’s a lot better!”