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Parts and notifications about SIG issues, including the SIG 320, SIG MPX Carbine, and SIG 226.

SIG MPX +10 rollout


We made this one (with +10 engraved) for show. The retail version has plain sides.

Since the dawn of USPSA’s new Pistol Caliber Carbine division, MPX fans have been hitting us up for an extension that would push their mag capacity to the max.
That day has arrived! Our new +10 for the MPX 9mm carbine incorporates various TF design elements into something head and shoulders above the competition.

Most importantly, our extension is easily removed WITHOUT TOOLS. Our thumbscrew-and-gasket system lets you spin the locking screw on and off with your fingers, yet the gasket holds the screw in place against vibration. If you over-tighten it (accidentally, or because you like things TIGHT) you can turn the screw with a flat-bladed screwdriver (or similar).


Bottom viewing showing the thumbscrew lock.

We angled the floor of the basepad to stand the mag straight up on a table for easier loading, which accentuates the lines of the gun.

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Lavender dreams

lavender pair webLooking for something a little different than the usual “black” “red” or “blue?”

We just took delivery on a short batch of lavender basepads for the M&P — both +0 competition and 140mm +5/6 versions. You’ll find them in the store here and here.

We get frequent requests for special colors, so if you have something special in mind, give us a call. We once did a large set of brass HK P30 basepads in crimson and gold — to match the Florida Seminoles football team! Costs for special orders usually hover around $5 per basepad.

“Triple Threat” Basepads For The M&P/SIG 320 Arrive — in Zombie Green!

Hook proof web

Part of the TF “Competition” line, the “Triple Threat” basepad brings the suggestions of countless M&P-shooting competitors into one multi-purpose design.

  • — WILL NOT hook another magazine, or snag on your clothing (a common problem with the M&P).
  • — Extends the magazine to ensure a positive reload
  • — Provides one ounce of extra weight, helping with recoil control (legal for IDPA, USPSA, and SSP competition).
  • — Works with BOTH styles of M&P magazine. (Square- or round-hole.)
 Available in black, bright (zombie) green, more by special order.

SIG 320 +5/6 basepad available



Since meeting with the Grayguns team at SHOT in February, we’ve been moving full-tilt toward developing a 140mm basepad for the hot new SIG 320. Greg Purcell is currently campaigning in the Northwest with our first-generation part, getting +5 (reloadable) or +6 (tight) in 9mm. Alma Cole is experimenting with spring/follower combinations, and reports +6 reloadable when using a modified CZ Tactical Sport spring/follower kit.

Our design blends concepts from our successful S&W M&P and HKVP9 basepads. The current 140mm part hits the lowermost corners of the frame (see photo at left), but two minutes of trimming eliminates the conflict. SIG 320 grip frames interchange easily and cost $40, so shooters modify them to suit at the drop of a hat.

You’ll find the basepad kit (with custom spring) in our store here.

COMING SOON: Shooters that want more length, but no extra capacity will love our “triple threat” basepad — build to suit IDPA, SPP, and USPSA “Production”, the “triple threat” enhances the mag in several ways.

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Tricky SIGs


Long-tail SIG follower, ~1.250″.


Short-tail Sig follower, ~1.040″.


Short-tail (left), long-tail (right).

Here’s an easy way to turn a TF +3 for a SIG 226 into a +5.  The SIG “20-round” magazine uses the same mag tube as the 15-round (standard) magazine, but with a shorter follower and a hollow plastic base pad.  A customer called this morning, wanting a better/stronger basepad that would give him 20 rounds. Switching the followers and adding one of our machined-aluminum +3 extensions got him a SECURE 20 rounds. You can do much the same thing by trimming the bottom of the stock follower to match the SIG “20 round” version (shown).

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