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A Great Stage

Tim Ramberg (winner of Overall, PCC) sent us this video of him running through this unique stage. For those shooters not from the Seattle area, Seattle has a monorail running down the middle of it. Very fun and unique stage!

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Walther PDP in New Colors

We now have our new Walther PDP Competition Basepads in blue and black.  

Red is coming shortly.

Add speed, confidence to your reloads! The PDP +0 extension adds weight to your magazine allowing for better drop-away performance, while adding the extra length needed to positively seat the magazine in the gun.

Fits PDP Full-Size magazines! (Not the 15-round compact mags.)

USPSA/IDPA legal. (Fits the box! .85 ounces = legal weight for SSP!)

“Mag Tracker” dot system helps you identify each magazineCNC 

Machined in the US from bar stock

Find them here on our website……/

Playing With The GoPro

Playing with the GoPro inside the large Kiwa milling machine. Hard to see the part being made with all the coolant being flung about!