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Playing With The GoPro

Playing with the GoPro inside the large Kiwa milling machine. Hard to see the part being made with all the coolant being flung about!

New! Canik Mag Release Button

JUST IN! We made a deal with Driven Arms to become their first major dealer, offering their concealment and competition mag release buttons to the world. These mag release extensions easily bolt onto any of the Caniks equipped with a threaded mag release (SFX, Elite Combat, and Elite Exec).Choose the size AND color to match the theme of your handgun. These buttons will let you “punch off” a magazine without shifting your grip!At just $14.95 apiece, they’re an easy and affordable way to personalize your Canik to your exact tastes.

Walther PDP Released! TF Racing Extensions Already Available!

Walther PDP Released! TF Racing Extensions Already Available!

For the USPSA Carry Optics competitor, the PDP looks stellar — and we have the options you need to be successful! The PDP has the same awesome trigger that made the PPQ, and comes RMR-ready. Walther slipped us an advance copy of the PDP for R+D, so we’ve got 140mm basepads ready to go!
Walther Pro Hwansik Kim has his TF 140mm +3 extensions already – and brass backstraps will soon follow.

Our 140mm +3s work with the factory mag springs, which saves you money. Not needing to replace the springs drops the price per basepad to just $29.95 apiece ($34.95 in brass).

What About The Compact?

The PDP also ships as a “compact” – a 15-round gun that feeds from Walther PPQ magazines. In our testing, everything we make for the PPQ (except the magwell) works on the PDP Compact, giving you instant aftermarket support. Pick +0, +6, or +12 lengths to match your application, we’ve got you covered!
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