Patrick Kelly Reviews Our Tmag AR-15 Basepad

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Posted by Patrick E. Kelley on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

November Harvest – Innovation on Display

For the last month or so, we’ve been focusing hard on our “new products” list, pushing our R+D out ahead of our increased production capacity. To get there, we’re putting a lot of hours on a 3D printer, running off and testing one prototype after another. Barring major  breakdowns, the following should debut between now and the end of the year:

Prototype of our new basepad for the Cannik TP9.

1. Canik 140mm basepad (pre-order here: The Canik has a growing fan club within practical shooting and defensive circles, and Canik drivers have been calling, asking for help. Our latest takes the excellent Canik 18-round magazine out to 22+1 capacity within the USPSA/3-Gun 140mm limit. That’s a huge improvement in firepower! As the on-line chat boards will tell you, there are a lot of parts made for the CZ and the SIG that “sorta” fit the Canik — but our parts ACTUALLY fit, without breaking any rules.



Walter PPQ .45 Speedwedge

2. Walther PPQ .45 “Speed Wedge” (pre-order here: Designed for shooters that want to trick out their mags for speed-reloading without adding a lot of weight. Weighs less than one ounce, and reduces the potential to hook other mags/equipment during a reload.


3. Accuracy International +2. Our first venture into Precision Rifle Series accessories parts turns the common 10-shot AI .308 mag into a 12-shot, helping eliminate the need for time-consuming reloads.

4. Rock Island Armory 140mm +3 (pre-order here: The much-needed companion to our popular “Fattie” magwell. We designed the “Fattie” around the popular MBX 140mm Rock Island Armory magazine, but shooters tell us MBX mags cost too much. Our basepad offers shooters *most* of the capacity of an MBX, but at 1/4 of the price!

If there’s something you/yours are looking for that you just can’t find on the market, send us e-mail through our contact form, and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you!

Changing Gears

Changing gears: My daily life involves mass-produced polymer and machined steel firearms. This weekend I got to hunt pheasants with the men of my family using a hand-engraved Grade IV Ithaca side-by-side in 16 gauge. It belonged to my great-grandfather, and was given to me by my late grandfather many years ago. Using this hand-made 1920’s gem offers a step back in time for “modern gun” shooters like me. Dual triggers, drop-down cocking indicators, figured pistol-grip walnut stock, antique ivory bead sight, extractors with empty-shell ejectors, it has everything you’d want in a gun from that period — and it’s made by American gunsmiths. It kills birds like the purpose-built machine that it is, but if FEELS totally different than a modern auto or O/U double. I have some excellent modern shotguns, but none is as beautiful or as thought-provoking as this.