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The Glock in Competition

The Glock in Competition

Learn from champion shooters like David Sevigny, Julie Goloski (now Julie Golob), GSSF whiz Bobby Carver (of Carver Mounts), engineer Mark Passamaneck, GSSF National Match Champion Dale Rhea, top female shooter Carina Burns, bad-boy Glock Jockey Taran Butler, and the grand old man of competition shooting with the Glock, the incomparable Armando Valdes.

Compiled by our own Robin Taylor (Gungames Magazine, Front Sight, Fishing & Hunting News), The Glock in Competition “cherry-picks” the experiences of America’s finest shooters to create a soup-to-nuts how-to book for the new competitor and anyone else who’s serious about Glocks.

The chapter on why Glocks blow up when fed too many lead bullets is worth the cover price. Lawyers wishing to sue Glock, Inc. retained engineer Mark Passamaneck to explore the particulars of this odd phenomena. Sure enough, Glock’s warnings to not use lead in their barrels are well-founded. Mark (in a controlled experiment) shot Glocks with lead bullets until they blew.

Law enforcement, defensive, and casual users will all find invaluable pieces of information on curing jams, tuning the gun, and fixing the Achilles’ heels of the Glock before they bite.

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Action photography shows examples of how you can accidentally shear off your front sight, why you should never sacrifice reliability for “performance,” and other real-world issues.

Thinking about shooting IPSC? USPSA’s former executive director Dave Thomas says our: “‘primer’ for new USPSA/IPSC shooters is one of the best written introductions to the sport available.”

Thinking about IDPA? We rely on the advice of multi-year IDPA national champion David Sevigy (until recently Glock’s No. 1 sponsored pro.).

How about Steel Challenge? Bowling Pins? We explain how to go at these tremendously popular games, with an eye toward how to best apply the Glock to the problem at hand.

Covered topics include reloading for the Glock, trigger configurations, recalls and refits, magazine problems, modifying the Glock, choosing factory ammo, and a host of others.

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