HK Competition Basepads IN RED (and black too)

By | November 6, 2015
HK Comp Red

Just in this week, HK Competition basepads anodized red — also available in graphite black.

Fantastic additions to the HK VP9, P30, and P30SK, you can’t go wrong with this part.

Not only do they help the ergonomics of the HK for speed shooting (more positive reloads, less “hooking loss,” lower balance. . .) they work great with our stainless/bronze matrix magwells.

P30SK users like our competition basepads as well, using them as a “pinky extension” — increasing their control over HK’s top-of-the-line concealment gun.

These have been a strong seller in graphite black for months. When we asked our customers about doing some in red, they all rose to the idea, offering to buy them in advance! We’re happy to report we have both the HK Red and the Graphite Black models in stock.