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Great Day At The Range

Great day at the Yakima Steel Classic this weekend. MD Larry Davis put me on the “Super Squad” alongside Aaron Laws and Patrick E. Kelley. Patrick won Limited going away, with Aaron and I in a photo-finish for second — decided on the last shot of the last run! Aaron was faster than me on average, but my gun was more reliable — edging him out in the end. Medaling was great, but even better was seeing TF Sight Block 9mm’s in first and second at one of the top steel shoots in Washington!

Customer Gun

John Olsen sent us this pic of his “Super” Glock 43, equipped with both a sight block, and one of our new G43 base pads. “Been using the G43 +1 base pad you sent at the last few pin shoots, great product. . . I have plus size hands so your base pad is just a little short to what I am used to. It conceals nice, I have let my wife try it out in her carry gun and she loves it. Drops free during exchanges and seats positively. There is nothing I would do differently. If you ever decide to make a +2 extension for the G43 I will be the first in line to purchase them.”

TF 41+1 Mag Kit Video

Take a quick look at this video we did last year. Personally, we still can’t watch it without laughing. Compared to 28 or 29+1, or even 33+1, 41+1 is EPIC.

The 41+1 kit is silly fun in a pistol like my tiny Glock 26, but for a guy with a Lone Wolf AR Carbine, or a Kel-Tec P2000, 41+1 makes a lot of sense. If you’re competing in USPSA’s new “Pistol Caliber Carbine” division with a Glock-fed 9mm AR, this is the only way to go.

You can find the original Delrin 41+1 kit in our store, but we’ve also started producing one in red-anodized aluminum.