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Border Special+5 Rocks on the P30 SK


P30SK with TF “Border Special” +5 installed. (Photo by Stephen Pritchard.)

We just got this neat little video in from Stephen Pritchard, showing him shooting the P30SK with one of our HKP30 mag extensions installed.

“Zero clearance/mag ejection issues. I can fit an entire +5 rounds as well. Solid product. . .” writes Pritchard.

TF Basepad Controls “Snap” in HK P30SK


Stock P30SK — great concealment, partial control.


P30SK with TF competition basepad — full control.

P30SK users sometimes have trouble getting a full firing grip on their pistol because of SK’s ultra-short frame. For many, the pinky finger tries to slip around the bottom of the frame, where it’s no help at all. To fix that, Bill Parish added a TF “Competition” basepad for the HKP30/VP9, and sent us these pictures.

His mod “definitely adds some platform for your pinky and decreases snap,” says Bill. If you’ve got a P30SK, you might want to try this for yourself. You can buy the extension shown here.

We just learned that our +5 extension also fits on the P30SK — please don’t try that if you live in a state with a standard-capacity magazine ban.

Lavender dreams

lavender pair webLooking for something a little different than the usual “black” “red” or “blue?”

We just took delivery on a short batch of lavender basepads for the M&P — both +0 competition and 140mm +5/6 versions. You’ll find them in the store here and here.

We get frequent requests for special colors, so if you have something special in mind, give us a call. We once did a large set of brass HK P30 basepads in crimson and gold — to match the Florida Seminoles football team! Costs for special orders usually hover around $5 per basepad.

VP9 Stainless/Bronze Magwells In Stock

VP9_0273_webUpdated with a better-rounded entrance and embossed TF logo, the VP9 Stainless/Bronze magwell is here. We’re expecting this updated batch to sell through rapidly, so don’t drag your feet if you’d like to get one of the first two dozen.  Every part is ceracoated “graphite black”  to blend with the HK color scheme. (See photo.)

This magwell works with stock mags, but it works best with our +0 and +5 extensions. To find the magwell click here: . Our basepads will be in the same (HK Parts) section.

Steel Spider magwell for the P30

Steel spider webWho says a magwell can’t be beautiful? Jack Faubion helped us design what we’re calling the “steel spider” concept for the HK P30. The hexagonal holes go all the way through. The black color you’re seeing is one of our +0 basepads (protruding very slightly from the bottom).

This special project shows the potential of polished stainless/bronze matrix. Only two currently exist (the other is being ceracoated). If you’re interested getting a part like this for your pistol, please contact us.  We’re still in the R+D stage, but as shown, it would retail for about $130.