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Steel Spider magwells for the P30 in stock

These beautifulSteel spider web spiderweb magwells aren’t machinable at anything like an affordable price. Instead, we had them 3D printed in stainless/bronze matrix. The material offers much of the toughness of steel, with the beauty and color of bronze.

We polished the exteriors to maximize the “white gold” look of the bronze, but left the interiors and the pinky cut-out “as printed” to give the hand a little extra grip, and keep the price down. Fits the P30 line except the P30SK. Some minor fitting of the replaceable plastic backstrap may be required.

The technology of 3D printing in metals is very new, and (like all 3d printing) tends to be quirky. It took several months for the printing company to deliver these, and we’re still unsure if they’ll be able to deliver more. Suffice it to say, if you’re interested in a beautiful magwell like this, get yours now!

HK Competition Basepads IN RED (and black too)

HK Comp Red

Just in this week, HK Competition basepads anodized red — also available in graphite black.

Fantastic additions to the HK VP9, P30, and P30SK, you can’t go wrong with this part.

Not only do they help the ergonomics of the HK for speed shooting (more positive reloads, less “hooking loss,” lower balance. . .) they work great with our stainless/bronze matrix magwells.

P30SK users like our competition basepads as well, using them as a “pinky extension” — increasing their control over HK’s top-of-the-line concealment gun.

These have been a strong seller in graphite black for months. When we asked our customers about doing some in red, they all rose to the idea, offering to buy them in advance! We’re happy to report we have both the HK Red and the Graphite Black models in stock.

Border Special+5 Rocks on the P30 SK


P30SK with TF “Border Special” +5 installed. (Photo by Stephen Pritchard.)

We just got this neat little video in from Stephen Pritchard, showing him shooting the P30SK with one of our HKP30 mag extensions installed.

“Zero clearance/mag ejection issues. I can fit an entire +5 rounds as well. Solid product. . .” writes Pritchard.

TF Basepad Controls “Snap” in HK P30SK


Stock P30SK — great concealment, partial control.


P30SK with TF competition basepad — full control.

P30SK users sometimes have trouble getting a full firing grip on their pistol because of SK’s ultra-short frame. For many, the pinky finger tries to slip around the bottom of the frame, where it’s no help at all. To fix that, Bill Parish added a TF “Competition” basepad for the HKP30/VP9, and sent us these pictures.

His mod “definitely adds some platform for your pinky and decreases snap,” says Bill. If you’ve got a P30SK, you might want to try this for yourself. You can buy the extension shown here.

We just learned that our +5 extension also fits on the P30SK — please don’t try that if you live in a state with a standard-capacity magazine ban.

Lavender dreams

lavender pair webLooking for something a little different than the usual “black” “red” or “blue?”

We just took delivery on a short batch of lavender basepads for the M&P — both +0 competition and 140mm +5/6 versions. You’ll find them in the store here and here.

We get frequent requests for special colors, so if you have something special in mind, give us a call. We once did a large set of brass HK P30 basepads in crimson and gold — to match the Florida Seminoles football team! Costs for special orders usually hover around $5 per basepad.