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Posts pertaining to the TF-supported junior team called “Team Gotta.”

Glock “Competition” basepads in Crimson, in stock!

We made these special for the kids on “Team Gotta” — and liked the color so well, we made extra for ourselves! (We also have them in black.)Superman crimson web_0983

 Nicknamed the “Superman” basepad by the team, this aluminum basepad extends the magazine to make it much easier to load and manipulate. It weighs a full ounce (compared to a few grams for the stock basepad) which helps the magazine fall clear of the pistol when empty. It compares favorably to our “bling brass” basepad in performance, but adds a little extra length for positive seating.
It’s the cat’s meow for IDPA “Stock Service Pistol,” USPSA “Production,” and Scholastic Pistol Program events.  (Similar products are often too heavy for IDPA and SPP, or make your gun too heavy in USPSA if you use any other heavier-than-stock part.)
It’s also a charm for defensive users that want a little extra length and strength, but don’t want to alter the moving parts of the pistol in any way.

Team Gotta On The Road: Ephrata, Wash.

_MG_0325 Ephrata 2014

Team Gotta met up with Renton Steel Dragons at the ISSA Washington State Steel Championship in Ephrata, Wash in September. In typical style, the team did extremely well. Some highlights: Keith Neher won Open division, Coach Robin Taylor took second in limited, narrowly beating 18-year-old Adam Thomas at third! Zane Coffey took 4th overall in Iron Sight rimfire, followed a string of other strong performances by “the new guys” on the squad.

This was our first experience with the brand-new ISSA ( — and we enjoyed the format very much.

Our next big event will be hosting the SPP Washington Scrimmage on Nov. 15. Adults and youth are both welcome to participate!

SPP Training Poster now available

As many of you know, we’re deeply involved in the “youth steel” movement. Robin Taylor SPP_SIRT_targetjust released his training “poster” that emulates what it looks like to shoot the courses of fire used in “SPP” competition. The poster is immense — 60 inches wide — and portrays what the SPP courses would look like if you were standing in the shooter’s box.

Jordon Castro and Adam Thomas point to this poster as an important part of their training. Castro and Thomas finished No. 1 and No. 2 at the 2014 SPP Junior/Senior nationals in Sparta, Ill. Castro set the course record, closely trailed by Thomas and their teammates on Washington’s “Team Gotta.”

Here’s the direct link to the poster in our store:

Rainier Ballistics supports Team Gotta

RB Bullets loadLast week Rainier Ballistics came through with massive support for our junior team “Team Gotta.” Robin Taylor picked up 30,000 bullets for the team, which should set them up for the rest of the year, plus a little. Rainier’s support will save each “varsity” shooter hundreds of dollars in ammo costs, making practical shooting financially “possible” for many. Each student competitor loads their own ammo, making support from a Northwest bullet manufacturer like Rainier a natural fit.