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Another Great Sight Block Build

This one comes from Rocco “Ty” Preston, who writes:

Hi Robin, just wanted to send you a pic of my limited gun built on a Glock 22 frame. 
Using your barrel block. It's amazing how fast I can track the front sight.


(Ty asked us to use these pictures because they show how little the sight moves compared to a stock gun.)

Amazing Sight Block Build


(Photo by Noel Zarza.)

Here’s an image of a totally “built-out” Sight Block gun, with all the bells and whistles.

“Your Taylor Freelance Front Sight Block is an Amazing product,” says Noel Zarza in a recent e-mail. “It’s a complete Glock game changer for USPSA, right next to the Tooth and Nail Thumb Rest.”

The pistol at right belongs to Zarza, a state-certified CCW instructor in Illinois. The base gun is actually a .357 Sig Glock 31, re-configured to shoot .40S&W using one of our drop-in kits.

For more on the Sight Block in action, scroll down to Gabe Reyes, or the Power Factor TV episode further down in this blog.

Success with the TF Sight Block


Just got this image in from Gabe Reyes in Arizona following his appearance at the “Left Out of Rio” shoot. He’s shooting a TF Sight Block mounted in a G22 slide. “I placed 3rd A class Limited, 6th Limited and 23rd out of 140 shooters.”

Note: Our Sight Blocks are set up for a Glock 22 slide, but we can shorten them to fit Glock 35 slides on request.