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Updated CZ-75 Extension

Something new for our CZ using customers. Our CZ-75 extensions are now available in red. Push your mags out to the maximum overall length allowed in 3-Gun with our extensions. Legal for USPSA and 3-Gun matches alike, these extensions DO NOT come off in use, yet are easy to disassemble with the help of a large Allen key.

Check it out in our store!

Grand Power Surprise

Andy Logan recently contacted us about trying to get some extra rounds into his Grand Power — a popular variant of the CZ-75. Logan GP for webThe Grand Power is non-standard in several ways, but we found it accepts our CZ-75 140mm mag extensions. Using factory Atlanta Arms and Ammo 9mm we got 21+1 here in our shop. Andy reports getting 20+1 with his reloads (21+1 tight). The basepad fits very tightly compared to the fit on a “normal” CZ mag, but if you’ve got a Grand Power, an old STI GP6, or the IPSC title-winning Exclaibur, we’ve got a 140mm part for you!

CZ-75 “Speed Wedge”

Tanfo Triple Threat Wedge webCZ’s made by Tanfoglio or CZ are all the rage in competitive circles right now.

Our new “Speed Wedge” sets a new standard for speed and security in competition basepads.

The compact “wedge” design eliminates “hooking loss,” and “squares off” the magazine, helping stabilize the magazine in your hand during a speed  reload (look for a detailed video on this topic soon).The one-ounce weight gives the magazine a more neutral feel. There are many reasons why this design is superior, leading to faster, more-predictable reloads — but don’t take our word for it. Try one, and if you don’t like it, send it back for a full refund.

We’re confident that once you try them, you’ll wonder why you would use anything else.

You’ll find versions for the popular Tanfoglio K-type, and the Mec-Gar small-frame CZ-75 (Shadow) in the TF store. CZ-built CZ mags require slightly different retainer hole placement (look for that here soon!)

These are slightly too long for USPSA/IPSC “Production” competition, but they’re a fantastic, low-cost way of making your stock mags work with any of the aftermarket magwells.

CZ SP01 Shadow Basepads Coming (Update: Have Arrived!)

CZ triple threat

This week we’re proving out a basepad for the popular CZ SP01 and CZ SP01 “Shadow” pistols. Drawing on cues from our old “Drop-Away” line, and the great JJ Racaza, we’re hoping to offer something that performs optimally during the all-important reload. Our new take on the Production-legal basepad (enhancing the CZ’s strong suit) leads the way for a 140mm model for 3-Gunners and USPSA shooters. We’re already into “revision C” on the Production basepad — we’re tweaking it to work with multiple CZ mag types. Northwest CZ driver Hwansik “Sheek” Kim in particular really helped us understand the subtleties of CZ mags.

Update: The “Speed Wedge” is here! Find it in our store here: