Shirley’s Replacement

Our replacement for “Shirley” our 1969 Clark manual, showed up today. About 40 years newer than Shirley! Hopefully we get a lot more years out of this one.

New Product

We realized that over the last few months we have added all the parts we need to create a heavy weight kit in brass anodized black. Awesome! The kit is a great way to get a complete set of parts for your Canik at a reduced price. Check it out on our website!


A Surprise in the Mail

Got a great surprise in the mail today. Courtney Gray, one of our sponsored shooters, sent us one of her jerseys nicely framed! Very cool! Thanks Courtney!

Custom Colors

Getting ready to send out this nice set of custom color pink parts. This pink cerakote turned out really nice. If these are yours…their only two or three days away from you!